Marou bars

Marou bars


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Marou bars represent an evolution to our craft. Compared to our signature 80g bars which are made to be savored and shared,the Marou bar range is our single portion, pocket-sized bites crafted for some serious on-the-go deliciousness. Pop a few in your bag, simply tear open & devour and get ready for the adventure to the tropics.

Tropical Fruits and Cashews

Dark chocolate 64% — Tropical fruits & cashews.

An exciting infusion of Vietnam’s finest kumquat, tropical fruits, cashews and 64% dark chocolate that awaken all your senses. Fruits & nuts are sourced directly from farms close to our factory, for a delicious bean-to-bar adventure.

Coconut Popped Rice

Coconut Milk Chocolate 53% & Popped Rice.

The best cacao beans from the Mekong Delta are generously coated with creamy coconut milk and crispy flakes of popped rice. Take a bite and feel the pure essence of Vietnam‘s nature in your pocket anytime, anywhere.

Peanut, ginger and caramel

Dark Chocolate 65% — Peanut, Ginger & Salted Caramel.
An addictive sweet and zesty crunch – roasted peanuts, salted caramel, 65% dark chocolate with hint of ginger. The result is a tasty snack that can fulfill your hunger in the middle of the day. Vegan friendly, sustainably and ethically sourced. Adventure never tasted so good!



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Maison Marou Flagship:
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Ho Chi Minh City

Maison Marou Flagship:
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