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Every once in a while, Marou comes across a cacao so exquisite, we just don’t have the heart to blend it.
A single island farm, that of Mr. Cong, yields the fruits that gave us the outstanding Heart of Darkness and Treasure Island bars.

Heart of Darkness

When pushed to 85%, this cacao shone like obsidian and it took home a Gold Medal at the International Chocolate Awards in 2014. Visiting this farm on assignment with the New York Times’ renowned novelist Lawrence Osborne dubbed the Heart of Darkness “food for both heart and mind.”

Treasure Island

With 75% cacao (or Treasure Island 3/4 as we called it), we produced a smooth chocolate bursting with the unmistakable flavors of cinnamon, and honey. This bar broke hearts and minds.



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Maison Marou Flagship:
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Maison Marou Flagship:
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