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Gourmet products with an adventurous spirit. From your kitchen to a jungle expedition, 3 Marou tins to enjoy everywhere.

Cacao Spread

When cacao spread meets cashew nuts, a recipe with only natural and tasty ingredients from Vietnam. A unique spread with delicate roasted cashew flavor, in a smooth texture, with subtle coconut notes. To enjoy straight from the spoon!

Cacao Powder

Our pure, non-alkalised cacao powder retains all of the distinct subtleties that are recognized in our award-winning chocolate. We believe that this purity of flavor will make the difference in any cacao drink, cake or pastry recipe.

Cacao Nibs

These small shelled cacao pieces have a unique crunchy texture and are well known for their health benefits. We use these same roasted cacao nibs to make our single-origin chocolates. With their intense chocolaty notes, nibs are great to snack on or sprinkle in for added flavor to your morning yogurt, cakes and recipes.



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Maison Marou Flagship:
167-169 Calmette,
Ho Chi Minh City

Maison Marou Flagship:
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