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Marou built its name on cacao sourced from six Vietnamese provinces. Our Origin Plus range invites other flavors to join cacao into the chocolate to offer a more complete expression of the terroir.

Arabica Coffee 64%

The finest Arabica beans in Vietnam thrive in the cool mountains around Dalat, the mountain capital of Lam Dong Province. Marou gets some of its most inspiring cacao just below the town, in the steamy jungle of Madagui District. Coffee and cacao met somewhere on the winding road from Madagui to Dalat; we don’t think you’ll forget the

Coconut Milk 55%

When faced with the prospect of making a creamy milk chocolate, Marou looked no further than Ben Tré Province—a bright green patch of islands renowned for sweet coconuts and strong-willed people. A low dose of the province's cassia-scented cacao gels nicely with the essence of the fruit overhead.


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